Interpreting in Virtual Reality (IVY)

Project IVY is a European funded project with 6 partners (EU Lifelong Learning Progamme - Project 511862-2010-LLP-UK-KA-KA3MP). The aim is to develop a virtual collaborative training environment for interpreters and explore the usage of Virtual Reality in interpreting scenarios. The IVY Virtual Environment encompases a number of predefined interpreting scenes, where the participants/users can perform various interpreting tasks for educational and training purposes, as well as challenging simulation scenarios.

The IVY Virtual Environment attempts to offer a powerful tool for Interpreters by allowing scenario and dialogue customization, enhancement of sense of presence through the immersion in a virtual world an ultimately, a platform to examine the merits of Virtual Environments usage compared to other methods such as traditional face to face interviews, or video conferencing interviews.

The project is using Second Life to create a prototype environment. Users can teleport to a chosen scenario, where the room is modelled in a suitable way for the scenario, and then the user can hear the scenario and can interact with the world to understand how to act as an interpreter.

For more info contact Prof Jonathan C. Roberts, here, or Dr Panagiotis Ritsos, here.

Collaborators: University of Surrey, Bangor University, University of Cyprus, Adam Mickiewicz University, Eberhard Karls Universität Tübingen, Bar-Ilan University

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