HeritageTogether - The Lost Heritage of Gwynedd in 3D


Dr Jonathan C Roberts, Senior Lecturer at the School of Computer Science and Ray Karl, Professor of Archaeology and Heritage are joint leaders of a project entitled ‘Co-production of alternative views of lost heritage’ which has secured a grant worth c. £575,000 under the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s ‘Connected Communities’ call. The project will be in collaboration with the schools of Computer Science at Aberystwyth University, Archaeology at Manchester Metropolitan University and Gwynedd Archaeological Trust. This builds on an ongoing AHRC £100,000 project led from Bangor: ‘Alternative views of the lost heritage of Gwynedd’.

The focus of the project will be on producing heritage data in conjunction with local communities. Photographs of heritage artefacts and environments will be uploaded onto our website (www.heritageTogether.org). By collaborating with our local Historic Environment Record at Gwynedd Archaeological Trust, the data thus generated will be linked directly to the archaeological information held there. Dr Jonathan Roberts said: “It is fantastic to be working with the community on this project; it will allow the community to learn more about their heritage, and while improving heritage management and allowing to much more effectively monitor damage to or loss of substance of monuments. It also provides a step change in research collaboration between academia and the wider public and provide the public with a new way of meaningfully engage with their heritage.”

For more info contact Prof Jonathan C. Roberts, here.

Collaborators: Bangor University, Manchester Metropolitan University, Aberystwyth University, Gwynedd Archaeological Trust


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