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VMG at IEEE VR 2015

Marc Edwards was at the IEEE VR 2015 Lab/Project Demos with Towards a High Resolution Grip Measurement Device for Orthopaedics. We are developing a novel device for measuring hand power grip using frustrated total internal reflection of light in acrylic. Our method uses a force sensitive resistor to calibrate the area, light intensity and force of a power grip. This research is work in progress but results so far augur well for its applicability in medical and other application areas. The grip measurement device allows the patient and doctor to see the change in grip over time and projects this information directly onto the back of their hands

Gareth Henshall was also making a poster presentation based on the work that he did as a summer intern for the Advanced Medical Imaging and Visuaization Unit, Towards A High Fidelity Simulation of the Kidney Biopsy Procedure. Our goal is to provide an affordable high fidelity simulation through the integration of some of the latest off-the-shelf technology components. The range of forces that are encountered during this procedure have been recorded using a custom designed force sensitive glove and then applied within the simulation.