Haptic Virtual Powered Mobility Simulator
We have collaborated with the Rehabilitation Engineering Unit, Bryn y Neuadd Hospital, Llanfairfechan, North Wales, to produce an electric wheelchair simulator that provides a simple and fun environment for training new wheelchair users on how to navigate around and through obstacles, and across different terrains. The most innovative aspect of the simulator is the use of a haptics joystick to provide force feedback to the user so that they can “feel” collisions.

The simulator software can be used on any Windows PC.  For best results a Novint Falcon Force Feedback Device (costing $250) should also be purchased and when used it should be rotated by 90 degrees as shown in the image opposite. This provides a more intuitive interface for representing a joystick on an actual electric wheelchair


  • User Guide
  • Installation Guide
  • Right click the following link: Windows Executable (not currently supported on other platforms) and media files
  • Right click the following link: Source Code

    Disclaimer; The simulator is being released into the public domain under the terms of unlicense.org. Please read the README and UNLICENSE files included in the distribution before using this software.

Software Development: Alex Cotton, School of Computer Science, Bangor University
  • User Consultant: Nigel Shapcott,¬†Betsi Cadwaladr University Health Board
  • Technical Consultant: Nigel John, Advanced Medical Imaging and Visualization Unit
If you want to run this simulator for patients at your clinical facility, then please contact the Unit. We will assist you in setting up the application and configuring the hardware and software.


Lumbar Puncture Trainer - Thomas William Day - Link: CS-TR-001-2014